Daniel Kanow

Making art for Daniel Kanow is a meditation. He loves to paint, draw, and sculpt both expressively and figuratively. Daniel’s interest lies in the deep places of emotion that tell personal and universal narratives of fear, pain, love and beauty. His art acts as a conduit or bridge into these places so that seeds of presence and life may be abundant. Daniel’s process is dynamic and he invites the viewer to immerse themselves into their own stories so that the artwork may create a personal resonance. Daniel Kanow lives in Telluride, Colorado with his family and is currently pursuing his MFA in Painting at the Academy of Art University in CA where he is enlarging his horizons of creativity and opportunity. Art, family, and wilderness are his anchors for inspiration and motivation.



India, Bill White, Shoshana Brower, Kimberly Swarzburg, Merle Measer, Matt Man, Jim Kahn, Fly Me to the Moon Saloon