Why do I paint so large?

My wife asked me why I make my paintings so large. I have painted multi-wall murals in my house, multi-panel murals for public space and the inside of a tunnel.  I enjoy multi-canvas images and multi-surface paintings. Painting in the round on multiple surfaces or on very large canvases allows my creative process and finish work to be something larger than life. I gain a freedom with in my movement when the painting is larger than me, so that I am moving with pure energy, fully entranced with the artwork. It is as though I am able to become one with the process, a conduit of creativity. I really like to view super large paintings on display in a gallery, museum, or the realm of street art. Large outdoor sculptures that you can walk through and climb on top of are examples that I work to emulate in my paintings. As a kid I remember seeing Guernica in Spain and later large Murals and canvases by Diego Rivera, Siqueros and Matta. These experiences were quite influential.  Of most personal importance to me was my relationship with Ted Egri. His sculptures were so large that you could climb all over them and he even produced dance performances on the sculptures, interacting with the work as if it was an organic object of life. Since working with Ted, I have managed to look at paintings as though they are sculptures; large, in the round, and fully encompassing.

Generally, my large paintings are self-motivated unless I have been contracted for a commission or a mural in a public space. Sometimes there can be a size constraint for transportability of large artwork. I adapt to paint on unstretched canvas, or multiple surfaces like paper, panels or canvas that can then fit in my truck and can be re-constructed to be larger than life at a latter time. Sometimes when I work small I have to make sure my body moves to the caliber that I am able to achieve when working on large surfaces. This is a challenge for me when working small, to stay loose and not tighten up because of the size of the surface. Whether large or small, my quest is to achieve high energetic quality and authenticity. However, if I had a choice, I choose large. I tend to thrive when I have a large surface that is unaltered. It is as though I can pour out my creativity and vision and fill the space with life, agitation, substance, and plasticity.